Camel ride

The camel ride in the huge Palmeraie of Marrakech is a wonderful experience. This ride will allow you to see some of the most stunning places in Marrakech. In this tour, you will pass through the palm grove, the captivating oasis, and the lovely gardens of Marrakech. On the camel’s back, you will visit several old-style Moroccan villages and pass through an extensive array of luxury hotels, swimming pools, and golf courses spread through big gardens. During this tour, you will get a glimpse of the lifestyle and culture of the locals, which they have not left even in these modern times.

Camel ride in the palm grove:
After pickup from your hotel, you will be taken to the attractive palm grove on the borders of the city. As you reach the site, professional staff will give you a safety session, which will help you understand how to ride your camel. Also, you will get some information about camels and how they have been used for transportation in Morocco for centuries because of their ability to store water in their hump. Climb on the back of your camel and get ready to enjoy a relaxing ride, which will take you through the green palms. You can capture the breathtaking views on your camera to share them with your family and friends later. After the drive, you will be taken back to your hotel in Marrakech.