Henna Ceremony

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Henna is a kind of plant, which is found in the Mediterranean region. The leaves of this plant are ground to make a fine green powder, which is afterward blended in with water to make a thick mud-like paste. It is applied to your skin to make a design. This design is temporary and can be on your skin for several days. In Morocco, people apply the henna on their hands and feet. This Henna is applied by ladies of all ages and mostly at festivals and Moroccan weddings.

Henna ceremony

This ceremony is a little start of a Moroccan wedding. The bride will be made to sit in a seat so that the Moroccan Henna specialist could apply henna on her hands and legs. A couple from the guests are chosen among the guests and are made to wearing customary wedding Moroccan clothes, which is followed by a lot of music and melodies. This would be a great cultural experience where visitors will be invited to congratulate the couple and get pictures clicked with them.

Belly dancers (option)

At the appointed time of the entertainment, belly dancers will appear to show off their belly dancing skills. It is a great experience to see a stunning presentation of 1001nights.

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