Hammam Massage

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Moroccan hammam is an extremely popular and extraordinary experience for individuals who have never been to Morocco nor had the chance to have a conventional hammam. Many people recommend having a hammam, when in Morocco. The Hammam is an open stream shower with three huge rooms. They range from very hot to less hot. Hammam combined with a massage is sure to relax you and make you feel good about yourself. You should never miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Things you will bring along you when experiencing a hammam:

  • A soap made of olive oil 
  • An extra set of clothing
  • Your regular soap and shampoo
  • An Exfoliator mitt 
  • Waterproof shoes like plastic flip flops
  • Water bucket and a small mug
  • Robe or towel 
  • Small mat, which can be folded
  • Personal products that you use after a bath
  • Face wash, razor, and other toiletries 

You should leave all your shame and shyness before going to experience the hammam. The experience will cleanse you and help you relax.

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