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Overview Morocco is well-known for its tasty cuisine. People who visit Morocco are always left impressed by its variety of delicacy, with delightful tagines, meaty brochettes, hot piles of couscous, and diverse local foods to savor. In the coastal area, there is always an abundance of seafood and fish. Moroccan cuisines usually use fresh, locally grown elements and a variety of spices to provide good flavor. The majority of the dishes go with the bread! There are numerous cooking schools and restaurants, which provide visitors a chance to learn their favorite Moroccan dish.


  • Private cooking class
  • The head chef will have a tea ceremony
  • Master class in making Tagine
  • The school has various workstations, all armed with a closed-circuit screen, which ensures that the members do not miss anything.
  • The classes are hosted by dadas, who have been sharing their cooking secrets with guests over the years.
  • Get a certificate for learning and preparing Moroccan cuisine

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